Wednesday, November 28, 2007

TUMECHOKA - We are Tired! Kenya Youth Sing!

We predicted that corruption would be a key issue in 2007 election. The youth of Kenya have heeded the call to uproot corruption once for all. The recent party nomination saw Kenyans give many MPs the political red card and underscored the last parliament as a corrupt institution which needed cleansing. Come election on 27 December many more former MPs will fall. The youth of Kenya have at last said TUMECHOKA - We are Tired.

TUMECHOKA (We are Tired!) expresses a rage felt by Kenyan youth at the abuse of power by our leaders and especially the Parliamentarians of the outgoing 9th Parliament. This music video was financed and produced by Kenyan youth and is powerful social commentary. If only the leaders understood rap! Could this be the next Kenyan political anthem? The artists want you to download and play this video (loud!). It’s free and the artists have waived their royalty rights for internet download and radio play. Tell your friends about it – and note the call to youth to use their vote to elect a corruption free leadership for Kenya. We think this may be an idea whose time has come. Enjoy!

Sisi sote tumekuja pamoja kusema Na kuskika, hatunyamazi mashida zetu Kama kitambo,
(We have come to speak in one voice, we will not be silenced as before)
A voice against our leaders, ni kura itaongea, pigeni kura pigeni kura pigeni kura..
(Our vote will speak, Vote people Vote! Vote!)
Nashindwa niajee, kuishi kiwasi wasi nitaongea ki wazi wazi viongozi vikohozi
(Why are we living in fear with leaders who make us sick)
Na niajee, Mtaani tunawika nayeye anacheka straight to the bank,
(Why are we living in ghettos as our leaders laugh straight to the bank)
Mi na hustle ye ana manga bila hata kungangana, kwanini akuhonge baadaye akunyonge
(I have to hustle, he enjoys without labouring, why should he bribe us, later he hangs us)
Kamba shingoni ya kujitia mwenyewe, wanajifanya waelewi kula kuva
(A noose around his neck this time, he thinks he is better than us)
Yote C.D.F na round hi, Shida zetu tunyazmazi.
(This time let us end our problem)

Tumechoka na sema tumechoka kufinyiliwa down tunasema tumechoka (tumechoka) x 4
(We are tired of being pressed down - We are Tired! x 4)

Mshahara tunampa, na kazi hatuoni, pesa zetu mnakula na bunge mnalala,
(We pay you well but your work is unseen. You eat our money and sleep in Parliament)
Mnasema mko kazi Ndio sisi wenye vipaji, vitambi vinatokea ungedhania Ni kiriba,
(You claim to be hard at work)
Tunafinywa Kwa makini, laini shinda maini maazi kufanyiziwa
(We are oppressed)
Malazi kufinyiliwa, wanadai in the ghetto na nyimnaangalia nimekula huu usongo
(In our homes we are oppressed they say in the ghetto)
Ndio maana ninalia, nakaa hamtawacha kura yangu hamta pata, this time mkicheza tutampiga
(This is why I am crying. No vote for you from me this time.)
hiyo marando, taadhari tafakari Leftie akiwa nare mtakuwa kwenye hatari tunataka maendeleo, hacheni huo ukorofi,
(Watch yourself I am getting impatient. We want development not corruption.)

Tumechoka na sema tumechoka kufinyiliwa down tunasema tumechoka (tumechoka) x 4
(We are tired of being pressed down - We are Tired! x 4)

Followed my heart through all the roads into the jungle, seen so much pressure
Told my body, just handle, this is nothing, Compared to what we thought,
Bad governance and leadership is what we fought, dark ages, black pages, rough ages
Men make history but this is to much, I earn all the money but you say I can’t touch, unajiongezea Mshahara nikipinga unanipiga, si protest Kwa Street Ndio maana niko Kwa beat nakuonya roundi hii nakutoa wewe shindwa
(You increase your salary when I protest you have me beaten – I am warning you now this time I will throw you out!)

Chorus (repeat)
(We are tired of being pressed down - We are Tired! x 4)

Nabado wamesahau tumewapa hii works, Kulounge bila shukrani hatowi pesa zao
(They have forgotten that we are their employers, they are greedy and laze about)
Dem lying dem saying but they just destroying with false prophesies of a better tomorrow,
(They are false prophets and liars)
Na hii wakati, Ni Kura itaongea pigeni Kura pigeni Kura
(This is the time. Our vote will speak. Vote! Vote!)

Ending Chorus
(We are tired of being pressed down - We are Tired! x 4)