Wednesday, December 12, 2007

President Kibaki Tells Voters to Elect Corruption Free Leaders

President Kibaki is the first presidential candidate to appeal directly to voters to elect corruption free leaders in the coming election. He did this during his speech to the nation. We in this blog would like to commend him for his bravely as most politicians keep silent on this issue. We have argued all through that the best way to get rid of corruption is to elect leaders free from corruption, at all levels and especially in the Parliament, and lock-out the corrupt from public office. On his part, the President solemnly promises not to appoint corrupt persons in his cabinet if elected for a second term. This is an assurance the voters need from all the presidential candidates. If this were to happen, and the voters were to elect only clean leaders, corruption would be dealt a devastating blow.

Read the excerpt from Presidential Speech on corruption below.

In the last five years, my Government has made credible progress in the fight against corruption and economic crimes.

We now know that fighting the vice requires more than prosecuting or jailing those who are convicted. It is about changing attitudes, values and ethics of an entire society, and to ensure that the rules and regulations are observed and enforced so that corruption becomes socially costly. It is about ensuring that those who commit crimes pay for their actions, instead of hiding and mobilizing behind their communities.

Indeed, the fight against corruption is about the people of Kenya electing to Parliament and local authorities, men and women of integrity. This is why we have worked so hard to create a legal and institutional framework to ensure that future generations of Kenyans will enjoy prudent and accountable governance.

When you go to the polls on 27th December, I urge you to vote for leaders who are fit for public office and with no record of engaging in corrupt practices.

On my part, I make this specific commitment to you; I will appoint a CLEAN HANDS cabinet, made up of men and women of integrity from among the decent men and women that you will elect.

I shall demand that any minister who comes under reasonable suspicion of engaging in corrupt practices, resigns immediately. They will be reinstated only once the matter has been investigated and their name has been cleared.

I will insist on this provision being enforced in all circumstances. We will have a Clean Hands Government. This is a necessary measure to restore confidence in our politics and uphold the trust that Kenyans place in their Government.

The President have shown the way. He wants clean leaders in the next term. Voters go ahead and give him or the next President of the Republic of Kenya CLEAN HAND LEADERS. Show the corrupt the Red Corruption Card! With your vote you can do Kenya, yourself and posterity a patriotic service.

On 27 December 2007 Remember to VOTE FOR CORRUPTION FREE KENYA!