Monday, December 11, 2006

Nobel Peace Price Winner 2006: Elect Clean Leaders to Public Office

Professor Muhamed Yunus the Nobel Peace Price winner 2006 said in an enclusive interview with CNN Jonthan Mann after the award of the Nobel Peace Medal in Oslo 10 December 2006 that to fight corruption it is necessary to elect clean leaders to public office. He added that electing corrupt leaders worsens the incident of corruption as these leaders will grab more and more at the expense of the people and national interest. It is very important therefore to educate the electorate on how to elect clean leaders and lock out the corrupt. The founder of micro-credit Grameen Bank (Village Bank), which gives small loans to the poor especially women, said that he is dedicating his efforts on education of the electorate rather than running for the office himself.

The Noble Peace Laurent's view on fighting corruption supports the perspective advanced in this blog that the most effective way to eliminate corruption in society is to lock out corrupt leaders from public office during elections. In this way the electorate will be sending clear message to those who hold public offices that corruption does not pay and will not be tolerated.

This blog salutes and congratulates Professor Muhamed Yunus and Grameen Bank for the award of this years Nobel Peace Price and his efforts to fight poverty in his country and the world over as the concept of micro-credit is duplicated in other countries.

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Anonymous said...

"Corruption, the most infallible symptom of constitutional liberty"
Edward Gibbon

Developing countries that are plagued by corruption should learn from Mohammed Yunis.Here's a man who had the perfect opportunity to be in politics but chose to combat corruption in a unique way.

The problem with our politics is that most of the leaders are corrupt.We need innovative minds and to start from basics.