Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sovereign State and Independence At Last

We salute and congratulate the people of South Sudan for becoming the newest state in the World and Africa. Welcome to the World Community of States. As we say in Kenya, independence was not given on silver platter. It has been a Long Road to Freedom. As you welcome and celebrate independence today, the very idea of your own sovereign state, national anthem and flag will fill your hearts with euphoria. At the same time your hearts will be filled with awe and admiration for those who shed their blood and suffered so much that you should be independent, not least the founding Father of the Nation, Dr John Garang.

All we can wish you is that your suffering as a nation may not be in vain. Although mountains of challenge lie ahead, your country is endowed with enormous natural resources and a determined people. Learn from the rest of Africa and do not repeat the same mistakes that our founding fathers and political leaders made. Cultivate unity and nationhood. Despise and avoid sectarianism, ethnic and regional favoritism, divisive ideologies and personal rivalry. Work as one nation for a prosperous South Sudan.

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