Sunday, October 15, 2006

Anti-Corruption Alliance Needed Not Religious Parties

The current debate by some religious leaders for creation of a Religious or Theocratic state is not the right way to solve the problem facing our country. The main problem facing the country today is corruption and lack of uprightness in political leaders. Religious leaders taking over the leadership and establishing a theocratic state would not solve these problems instead it will polarise a country already ethnically divided.

At the same time Kenya is constitutionally a secular state. But this does not mean that the constitution cannot be changed. Fortunately, the constitution making experience informs that changing the constitution is not an easy business in Kenya. Rather than compound the problems facing the country the leaders need to be positively creative by building a broad anti-corruption and uprightness alliance.

Forming anti-corruption alliance is the best possible solution to the problems of corruption and lack of upright leaders. Religious leaders should rally their faithful and other Kenyans under the anti-corruption banner. Anti-corruption alliance need not be a political party but a common criteria for identifying political leaders to sponsor using exisiting political parties. For example, religious leaders can exercise great influence in the next general election by advising their faithful not to elect known corrupt persons or person of dubious moral standing into political positions. If a party nominates a corrupt or morally undesirable candidate, the electorate should be advised to reject the candidate and vote for a rival anti-corrupt and morally upright candidate. I think religious leaders can exercise political leadership and influence through their teaching rather than turning the country into a religious conflict zone by introducing divisive religious theocracy.

Anti-corruption alliance is more appealing to the majority of the people than a theocracy. Most Kenyans are tired and loath corruption especially in the high political echelons. Every ethnic group in kenya does not want corruption. Workers, christians, muslims, hindus, women, the youth, students, and every other Kenyan hate corruption. Anti-corruption is the most unifying and moblising concept in the country today. Why not use it to get rid of politics of corruption and moral decadence in our society?

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