Monday, October 02, 2006

A New Anti-Corruption Party Formed

This blog welcomes Chama Cha Mwananchi (CCM) as a party with a difference. In particular, it recognises with appreciation the anti-corruption stand of the party. But we must add that, the writer and this blog is not a member or mouthpiece of CCM. We just appreciate and support an idea whose time has come.

The party which draws its membership from the former political prisoners and government critics is emphatic that it would not admit people with tainted record in its rank and file. It adds that CMM is not and shall not be a den of thieves or a hideout for oppressors, dictators, murderers, Goldenberg thieves, Anglo Leasing plunderers, corrupt politicians and incitersof racial and tribal hatred."

The party leadership is composed of former political prisoners and detainees. Dick Kamau who is the sectary-general of the party is the only known official so far. The rest are not officially revealed yet.

The Kill Corruption Monster blog sees the formation of CCM as a milestone in Kenyan politics because as we have argued there is need to lock-out corrupt tainted politicians out of public office if the war against corruption is to be won. It also means that next general election will be fought on an anti-corruption agenda and not a fight between Narc-Kenya and ODM-Kenya.

Parties that fail to lock-out corrupt tainted politician out of the election race should know that anti-corruption is bound to influence voters opinion in the election. We hope that CCM will become a formidable party given its focus on corruption and other political impropriety. Especially, we hope the message to lock-out those politicians that are linked to corruption out of political arena will hit resonant note with the electorate and the public.

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