Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Controversial KACC Gazette Notice On Githongo Tapes

Below we reproduce the controversial Kenya Anticorruption Commission Gazette Notice on the John Githongo tapes on alleged Anglo Leasing Scandal cover-up by key Kenya government ministers. The decision has created uproar in the media, opposition and civil society circles. We, however, bring the entire notice to our readers so that they may make their own informed judgement in the matter. As we strongly believe that the rights of all accused persons may they be powerful government officials or lowly common man must be protected and rule of law be followed.



Inquiry into allegations by the former Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President in charge of Governance and Ethics to the effect that the former Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the former Minister for Finance, among others, had interfered with investigations he was undertaking into alleged procurement irregularities into the two contracts awarded to M/S Anglo Leasing Finance Ltd. The contracts were for supply, installation and commissioning of a new passport issuing system by the Department of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs and contract for procurement of a CID forensic laboratory by the Office of the President, Investigations revealed that:

  • the former Permanent Secretary was not an investigator as defined by law for there to exist an offence of interference with investigations. The investigators involved in the matter have denied any kind of interference
  • the tape recorded conversation which formed the basis of the main allegation of interference is largely unintelligible, and the audible parts depict a conversation in short terse statements whose literal meaning would be a matter of conjecture
  • the former PS refused to record a formal statement that would be used for purposes of any prosecution and that would explain the many unexplained gaps in the recorded conversation
  • there is no evidence that would lay a proper basis for the play back and production of the tape recorded evidence in court as required
  • the lawyer alleged to have given the file of Mr. Joseph Githongo, (the father to the former PS), to the former Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs has denied ever giving the Minister such a file.

The investigation did not therefore establish commission of any offence. The file was forwarded to the Attorney General on 6 November 2006 with recommendation for closure. The recommendation was accepted by the Attorney General on 15 January 2007.


In a new statement the KACC have stated that the alleged new tape released by Githongo on his blog on 23 January 2007 was subject of the above notice and therefore it suffers the same fate as the early tape released to the public in 2005.

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