Saturday, March 10, 2007

Let Us Consitently Show Our Dislike for Corruption!

I read the story in the Daily Nation 10 March 2007 by BEATRICE OFWONA by the title "Let us all act now for a better future" with keen interest. The story touched on key issues which we can do to fight decadence in our society. But the one aspect that attracted my attention most is the one on corruption for obvious reason that it resonates with the interest of this blog. She wrote:

"A HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST HAS ADVISED US TO START thinking seriously about not letting corrupt people into our churches and other places of worship; of treating such people whose names have been linked to corrupt deals like the pariahs that they are; of letting them and their families suffer the brunt of our scorn and maybe, just maybe, we might dissuade others of corrupt inclination from engaging in such activities."

This approach to corruption is in line with what this blog advocates. We believe that the fight against corruption can be totally won if citizens show their dislike towards it. The example by Ofwona should be extended to all facets of life not only churches, just as we have called for locking out corrupt politicians from elective and other public offices. The dislike for corruption should be extended to our schools, public offices, hospitals, police force, judiciary, parliament, government, universities, and so on. It is only through a concerted dislike and action against corruption and the corrupt that we can redeem our society from this deadly cancer.

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kenyaonly said...

I agree with you, Kenyans have to be actively involved in fighting corruption. Word of mouth and gossip will never win the day. If one person is actively shunned rather than glorified then the rest will learn.

I still have never understood why we glorify people who have been adversely mentioned as corrupt, whose source of wealth can not be explained and yet we have given them source of hope as the best leaders on the land.