Monday, March 26, 2007

KACC Launches Anonymous Reporting System

In its accelerated efforts to curb corruption and implement the Whistle Blower Protection Act, the Kenya Anticorruption Commission (KACC) has launched an anonymous reporting system. The system uses the worldwide recognised whistle blower system by the Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS®). The implementation of the system is a big plus for the war against corruption.
The system guarantees potential whistle blowers anonymity and information confidentiality. The identity of the whistle blower is hidden and the report made remains confidential as it can only be accessed by KACC officials. The system further assures the whistle blower anonymous dialogue with KACC officials. This system is in use at the state office of criminal investigations in Germany and in 29 countries for the German Telekom among other organizations.

The KACC in its website gives guidance on making a corruption report. There are many other possible ways of making a report such as doing so in person, by telephone (Hot line) and/or fax, by mail, and by email But the anonymous system is a good improvement and may attract many persons who may have shied before from making a report.
In this blog we support all efforts that make the war against corruption realisable.

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